Into The Beautiful Abyss

Into the Beautiful Abyss
Abyss – a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm.
The last sound I hear on the surface, is of the air escaping out of my BCD and then suddenly – complete silence.
A few moments later the sound of my air bubbles breaks the perfect silence. I watch the air bubbles rise to the surface where the light seems locked in an eternal dance with the surface of the ocean.
As I slowly descend, I feel the ocean embrace me,  welcoming me into the beautiful abyss. I turn to my right and there like an ever faithful guardian, is my guide to this wonderful yet mysterious world – my instructor. Behind her, is a vast expanse of blue stretching as far as the eye can see.
The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever – Jacques Yves Cousteau
Everytime I look at this picture, I find my thoughts taking me back into the depths of the sea. It’s hard to explain how in an alien and hostile (I only say hostile because we as land dwellers are not naturally adapted to breathing underwater) world is where I found my zen. The silence is amazing. You’re floating in this amazing world filled with  beautiful creatures in some of the most fascinating surroundings. In that 20-30 minutes of my dive, the only noise was that of the air bubbles every time I exhaled.
It really made me stop and wonder how amazing it is to be alive and be breathing. Underwater, in an environment where every breath counts, you really start to understand the importance of it. It made me question myself, where am I wasting my breaths? and why? We often get caught up in things that aren’t worthwhile-the unnecessary arguments, the avoidable drama and all the other stressful things in our lives.
We’ve been given this short time on this amazing planet and most of us are just getting by. We are alive but barely living. Isn’t that the purpose of life- to live ??? to truly live. How basic can it get?
So, get out there, do what makes you feel truly alive. Travel, if you can, as far as your limits will allow you to. Experience life in different places, fill your life with adventures and stories to tell. Explore the world.
Value the finite breaths that you have. Find your zen

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