My love for Travel

Dear ocean, thank you for making us feel tiny, humble, inspired, and salty all at once.

We all have our reasons as to why we love travelling . Our travels are based on a thirst for adventure, to explore the unknown, to experience new things, to escape the mundane, to unwind, relax, to live. The reasons are infinite. The places we go, the things we do, they’re all justified. We all have our own unique way of looking at experiences that become a part of our lives as we travel and these interpret in different ways.

The biggest reason why I travel, as often as I can, is a very personal one, yet, it is one that some of you may connect with.

The reason I love travelling so much is that it has the ability to make one humble.

I’ve found that is the driving factor for me. Everything else is secondary.

Travel truly humbles us. We are more than often caught up in our own twisted web that our lives are miserable and “others” are living the life. We find ourselves complaining about our jobs, and how miserable it makes us, we complain about the weather, about how life for us is unfair. We’d go to the extent to complain about just about anything. And, personally, I’ve found that my complaints increase as I spend more time in my routine life. Things just start to lose their lustre and everything feels dull and then there starts the unending barrage of whiny complaints. We somehow find ways to justify how the world owes us an amazing life. How it’s not our fault and how it’s not fair. We play the victims of our own actions, and travel has interesting ways to humble you, sometimes it’s through a nice gesture, which puts a smile on your faces and at times it’s like getting bitch slapped, it puts you right back in your place.

I’ve found that every trip humbles me in many ways. Sometimes it’s the kindness of strangers, at times it’s a smile, sometimes, it’s nature herself, the vastness of the ocean, the raw force of the waves, the rain, a tiny lone flower in the ground.

Humility begets Gratitude, and that has made me realize I have so much to be thankful for. I have a beautiful life, family, friends, a good job, and tons of things to be grateful for. It instills a certain kind of outlook towards life that’s more positive and wholesome. With every travel I look forward to more humbling experiences that help me grow and live better.

So, what makes you want to travel?

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