The Misty Mountains

The heavy downpour in the small Himalayan town of Manali had just stopped and the skies were beginning to clear. It was twenty past 7 in the evening and the sun had just set. The light was beginning to fade quickly, bringing with it the chilly mountain air. I had just got back to my hostel from a café when I got a glimpse of this view. A tinge of Nostalgia hit me as I took in the beautiful view of the snow-capped mountain with the view of the Deodar forest in the foreground covered in mist, reminding me of my days back in school in Darjeeling. I stared at it for a long time captivated by the beauty of it all, the snow-capped mountain, the forest-covered in mist, the smell of the earth, the serene calmness of it all. It was perfect.

Looking at the picture I can’t help but visualize the mist move gently ever so quietly among the trees. It brings a slight shiver reminding me of the chilly air and transporting me back instantly to that beautiful spot from where I clicked the picture.

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